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Join a membership community of Productpreneurs who are passionate about product, have a vision to build a stand out brand as well as building a profitable sustainable business. 

This is for you if;

* You have a goal to launch a physical product business 

* You have a retail hobby and you love to be surrounded by passionate productpreneurs!

* You are growing your retail brand and need support, direction and the tools to get it right 

* Every where you turn there is content, courses, memberships all aimed at serviced based entrepeneurs, which is not relevant

* You feel like nobody around you gets your vision or understands your challenges, it's frustrating!

* You're feeling lonely in your product biz, you would love to make friendships and collaborate with like minded women in business

* You need to access Trainings that will grow your business that you can afford. 

* You want accountability to keep you moving forward. Growing your business feels lonely at times

Join a members only community for Productpreneurs passionate about building their Brand in the Retail world. 


A monthly membership that will give you support, skills, trainings specific to ecommerce businesses. 

For the cost of 4 bottles of wine a month (yes I've genuinely tried this out!) or 7 starbucks coffee's! The Value is priceless and the investment is a no brainer! 

There isn't anything like it out there that is specifically for retail business owners. 

A bespoke membership that brings you more than just a training bundle each month. 

There are Live Q&As to get your burning questions answered. The opportunity to be part of a Mastermind group each month to share your invaluable experiences and help solve problems only retail business owners can understand. Access to Guest Speakers who have created successful retail business to ask questions.

You will also get those wishes, wants and needs answered with trainings that aren't readily available anywhere else.

Have you ever wondered how to get your product in Retail Brands? 

Have you ever wished you knew how buyers sourced their products?

Would you love to know what steps to take to get your product in the press?

Is marketing your brand one big stress? You just want to learn exactly how?

These are just a snippet of the topics that I will cover in The Product Academy. We will focus on 1 topic per month to stop overwhelm, whilst building your skills so you can master every part of your product business.

Running a retail business is your life, its your passion and you have a vision. The Product Academy supports women on their Retail Journey whether you are at the idea stage or a fully fledged Business there will be resources, training and support that you will benefit from.

Running a physical product business can be a lonely place. As an ecommerce owner myself I understand first hand how we wear many hats in our businesses, from product developer, to sourcing queen to marketing guru!! 

It's what makes us unique, not everybody get's our product passion which is why I have created a safe space for Retail Business Owners to support each other, share our wins, get the help you need with your business challenges from like minded women who totally get you.

A hub for physical product business owners who are passionate about product, serving their customers in an authentic way, serious about making a difference in the retail world.

Join now and be the first to join the community AND become a Founding member.

What Can You Expect From The Product Academy?

Why You're In Safe Hands..

With 20 years experience in Retail buying and 4 years growing my own businesses around my family I know what skills & Mindset it takes to create success.

* Mentored hundreds of women to launch, build and scale the product businesses

* Consulting with Retail businesses scaling over the £5mil Revenue Mark

* 7 Years as Head of Buying for Boohoo (20 years in the buying industry)

* Sourced and launched thousands of products over my career

* Run my own successful ecommerce brand The Lifestyle Box Co

* An Expert in all areas of product including ecommerce marketing with first hand experience

Now lets be clear success is different for everyone which is why having a close knit community with like minded women with all different kinds of experiences is a huge benefit to you and your business


You love to inspire and be inspired.. You thrive on sharing what you've learnt whilst listening and learning about new ways to grow your business. There is nothing better than celebrating someone's win and you offer support to those that need a boost.

My vision is to create a community where not only do I share my knowledge, expertise and skills where every member is empowered to do the same.

I 100% believe you have something special to give, that your contribution is valued whether it's a comment on a post or sharing an insight. The group is about collaboration, a place where friendships are built and as a collective group of women we have each others backs.

Nobody understands the struggles, challenges we experience or the feelings of europhia when that sale comes through or a star review is posted than a fellow product business owner. That's why as a team, as a group we are powerful.

Does this sound like you? Are you a perfect fit for The Product Academy Community? Register below and be the first to hear when the doors are opening! 

What The Founding Members Are Saying;

Denise Martinez Rossini I absolutely love this and the Hub is a truly amazing place to be with fantastic content, support and inspiration. It’s the groundbreaker our online industry has been waiting for!👑 Thank you so much Melanie Brooks for creating it!❤️

Audrey McCrory It’s truly amazing to part of this hub with other like minded people all happy to support each other through their challenges and Melanie’s content and training has been invaluable and not to be missed! 🤗

Deanne Harty You're awesome and SOOOOO patient - I love working with you xx

Melissa 🌟 This hub is amazing, we’re all getting ready and geared up to really ramp up, join us, don’t woulda shoulda coulda come 2019! 🌟 thanks Mel x

Nic Mucedola This is why i'm ending my year on a high, i'm in a place with like minded individuals that love what they do.

Kate Cowan SO happy I found you Melanie! The first week alone has been worth it 😊 It’s been uncomfortable I’ll admit but no pain no gain! Thank you so much for generously and with such a big heart sharing your amazing talent and experience Melanie 😊

Become A Founding Member

I am opening the doors for a small number of women before the official Launch in January. I want you to get the first look at the members area, give your wishlist, share your needs and wants so that I can create the best experience for you all.

For taking action and joining me on this journey from the beginning there is a reduced subscription. For this month only join for £25 per month for the life time of your membership. In January I will be launching at £35 with a plan in place to create a valuable £60 membership by the end of the year. Which means you get the even more value being locked in at £25

I'm excited because I know this is more than a membership. This is a community like no other that will get results, give you the tools and contacts to grow your brand.